Akasha's Love Powder-Gender spells

Akasha’s Love Powder-Gender spells

Akasha’s Love Powder-Gender spells. First, you want to get a bowl to stir your ingredients together in and

 something to stir with. Next, put all the herb powders in the bowl in any order you please. Then stir clockwise

 thinking about bringing love to you or if you doing this for someone else it coming to them. After you have

 mixed your herbs together put in your drops of oil. Again mix together clockwise but until the powder has no

 more chunks from the oil you put in. Done. Put the powder in your air-tight jar and keep it in a cool dark place.

 When the power loses smell give it to the earth and make more if you would like.

If you need some words of power to bring more energy you may chant:

This can be said as you mix the ingredients together.

Different Ways To Use the Love Powder|Akasha’s Love Powder-Gender spells

Use for Someone You Love:
You can sprinkle a pinch of this powder on the belongings of the person you desire. Be sure to sprinkle a pinch of the powder on yourself every day after bathing.

Use to call for the person who is best for you now:
Place a small amount of the powder in the palm of your hand while standing in a sunny spot in a natural setting. Blow a little of the powder in the four cardinal points (north, south, east, and west), your true love will feel your pull.

You may also use this for other love spells you may have in mind.

**Do not eat this Powder**
**If you use this powder on someone who already loves you but you don’t know it, they will hate you. This will stop if you stop using the powder on them.

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