All Rituals and spells

All Rituals and spells

All Rituals and spells. A binding ceremony is a powerful ritual that is able to bind the magic of a witch, to

their coven, by suppressing their individual power.

Incantation: Fire, Earth, Metal, Air, Water and Blood. By these elements, we bind the circle, and follow in the steps of our

ancestors; who pledged themselves to fight against the forces of darkness. When evil assails us, when fear weakens us.

when descent threatens us, in the circle we will find our power. We come to this place alone but leave bound as one. 

this oath, our journey begins together. Do you accept the circle?

Materials and Requirements: Bonfire and members of The Circle.

Mother Earth Cleansing Ritual|All Rituals and spells| Demon Resurrection Spell

To destroy the dark magic within a witch is to call it out and rid them of its power before it takes over,

which means

they have to die. It requires the cosmic power of Mother Earth’s four elements to drown and bury the power which is

Requirements/Ingredients: Coffin, the symbol of Mother Earth, athame, elderberry tree branch, the witch with dark, All Rituals and spells.

magic, Soil in order for the spell to work, the witch with dark magic must be willing to participate. The ritual is to be

set in the woods and the coffin will act as their altar. A cloth with the symbol of Mother Earth on it should be placed on top of the coffin. The elderberry tree branch needs to be inside it. The dark witch

would need to focus their energy and mind on the middle of the Mother Earth symbol as the other witch shall

scatter soil around the symbol while reciting the incantation “I call on you Mother Earth, element of the physical, may

you purge her clean”. Afterward, the blood of the dark witch should be spilled onto the middle of the symbol, where the lines connect. The coffin is to be then opened, revealing the elderberry tree branch. Snap the branch in half after.

the dark witch hands you the branch, this shall cause the dark witch to be rendered unconscious. By this time, place the

witch’s body in the coffin and close it. Place the cloth above it in the position where the witch’s head should be. Using

Witch Cruid Spell| Suppression Sigil Reversal Spell | Freedom Spell | Suppression Sigil Spell |Deviltry Spells |

This spell was used by the witch hunters to destroy the bound Circle but the witch hunters failed. Take a small glass bottle and say the Incantation, “Let light rise out of darkness,” while holding a match over it, in order to activate its capabilities. Then, place a mandrake root, a personal item of the witch to be killed, and a few drops of his/her blood into the bottle. In order to kill them, one must only light a match and drop it inside. The victim will then be burned from the inside out.

Incantation: “Let light rise out of darkness”.

Killing A Dark Witch Spell

Make a circle around the dark witch with the Dark Colocasia Root and then burn it with a match. This spell was used by the witch hunter Eben to kill John Blackwell but the plan was foiled.

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