Animal Release Spell

Animal Release Spell

Animal Release Spell. Set up your altar as you see fit, in the case of this rite, it should be mellow as for a proper funeral.

When ready invoke the gods of your pantheon. In this case, gods of the afterworld and gods of animal protection.

(Never invoke gods that are not of your faith nor gods you know nothing about)

Light any candles you wish to use as illumination. Perform first prayers and gift your offerings and then the white sage.

Take up the brown candle and hold it tight. Infuse the candle with images of the pet you lost. As you do say the following:

”__(Pet name)__, I love you so much
And I miss you so much
Know that even though you are gone,
You will always be in my heart.
This candle I light is a part of you.
As this candle burns slowly away,
I set you free from the mortal world
And yet, we will always be together.”

Rest a minute and when read light the two black candles and say the following: ‘My lord and Lady of the afterworld, may you make the journey of __(Pets Name)__ to the Isles of the Blessed Swift.

Animal Release Spell

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