Become a God/Goddess

Become a God/Goddess

Become a God/Goddess. In human religious experience, manifestations of sacred power (hierophanies) provide

centers of meaning, order, worship, and ethics. Humans have always felt that real life is in close contact with the sacred.

power and that sacred power is often encountered in the form of divine beings. Ideas and experiences of these.

goddesses and gods thus are not so much intellectual reflections as existential concerns, revolving around the

fundamental human questions of life in this world. The manner in which the divine beings are imagined and

experienced, and the particular types, functions, and personalities of the divine beings, depend on the cultural

 context of the particular community of people.

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Scholarly discussion on gods and goddesses has raised a number of issues. One question has to do with the relationship.

between gods and human society. Even though the goddesses and gods of a particular society necessarily reflect.

values and traditions of that society, To Become a God/Goddess, one cannot assume direct correspondences between the mythological divine

world and humans. Just because a society emphasizes a mother goddess does not mean that it was originally a

matriarchy, for example. It seems that myths about the gods and goddesses cannot be taken as direct reflections of

human historical experiences. At the same time, careful study of the changing visions of the divine beings may suggest.

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