Big Raise spells

Big raise spells. Looking for Aspell to get a raise at work? Use these spells to help you find your Dream job or
get a promotion. To go forward with this, it is essential to induce mental clarity in you.
In order to attain mental clarity; use your mortar and pestle to grind up one part rosemary, one part ginger, and two parts lavender.

These ingredients represent protection, happiness, and money respectively. Combine all three of these herbs

and burn them on an incense burner. Also, write down on a piece of paper what you plan to achieve, and burn this paper in your cauldron.

In the days to come; if you wish to remain focused add these ingredients to your tea (or the like). Possibly add

some mint for flavor. Continue to drink the tea each morning until the next full moon. Once you believe to

have achieved focus, you can perform any proposed spell to get a raise at work.

Potpourri Spell That Work

Use freshly cut pine needles, juniper berries, cedar chips, or other evergreens to make a potpourri. Always be sure to be thankful to the spirit of the plant while extracting them.

Next add whole cloves, whole allspices, cinnamon sticks, and a sprinkle of gold glitter. Add a few drops of the

oil of any of the ingredients (to induce an extra scent) in the comfort of your home.

While you move forward with this spell to get a raise at work. Meditate on the reason why you are doing so.

How you can take positive steps in the world with your success. Call on the spirit of success and let it flow

freely through your body. Let it charge the mixture you have made.

Keep a bowl of this potpourri charged with the spell to get a raise at work your home. Carry some of it in your

wallet/purse folded in a bit of cloth wherever you go. When the potpourri is no longer fresh, and it has brought

forward the success you yearn for, bury it into Mother Earth and give thanks for the abundance that has been provided.

Spell To Get A Raise At Work

A Candle Spell To Get A Raise At Work

Acquire an orange candle and an anointing oil of cinnamon, frankincense, or rosemary. Anoint the candle with

the respective oil you purchased while focusing on being as radiant as the Sun and your wish to accomplish a goal or spell to get a raise at work.

Next, write down on a small piece of paper what you wish for very clearly, and place this piece of paper over

the candle. As the paper begins to burn, say, “May this or something better now manifest in accordance with

the highest karmic good for all concerned.”

As you visualize your success and goals, let the candle burn. You may repeat this for a few more days with the

same candle until the full moon occurs, but make sure to let the candle burn down completely on the last day.

Once you’re through with the spell, keep the ashes of the paper in a small pouch and wear it around your neck. Big raise spells

Be certain that the spell to get a raise at work that you yearned for is just around the corner.

Job Promotion Spells

spell to get a raise at work

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