Is desire a negative term? What is the difference between lust and love? What does it mean to love someone? Is Love complex?


Black magic to bring you more money with sacrifice. The flame of the black magic ritual to bless your

business is being stoked. Your fortunes are about to get a cleansed and energized new turn.

How do you feel about a venture that is assured of success no matter how it starts or moves?

Turn to true black magic to receive this satisfaction. The satisfaction of working towards guaranteed success. When you set out to make money, you should realize that everybody out there is looking for money same as you.

What Many People Do Not Know?

This means that Black magic money in itself has no control over who gets it and who doesn’t. However, one thing that money has, is a spirit. You need to call it out, and when you call out it will listen.

The magical spirit of money is the basis of all money magic in all magical traditions.

When you want money to heed your call, you will do these things;

You will call out loudly. You need to make your voice cover all the other voices of the people out there.

Remember, everyone is out there using different means to call out to money, to make themselves heard.


I can cast a black magic money spell on your enemy to make him poor when he grows old or to ensure he

remains poor all his life. Your enemy will work hard, and play the lottery, but he will never succeed. Even if this

person marries someone rich, my voodoo money spell will make the spouse poor as well.

There are also lots of white magic and Wiccan money spells, but they require a very general application since

nobody can be named or affected. That is not the case with black magic money spells. When practicing white

magic, one must be careful not to affect any other person’s free will. That applies to any kind of spell

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