Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts. The Broken Hearts Gallery is a 2020 romantic comedy film written and directed by Natalie

Krinsky, in her directorial debut. Executive produced by Selena Gomez, the film stars Geraldine

Viswanathan, Dacre Montgomery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Molly Gordon, Phillipa Soo and Bernadette Peters. The

plot follows a 20-something in New York City who gets dumped by her latest boyfriend and creates an art

gallery to display items from people’s previous relationships. The film was theatrically released in the United

States on September 11, 2020, to generally positive reviews from critics.

Broken Hearts! Is the Broken Hearts Gallery a true story?! Why does heartbreak hurt so much?! How do you let go of someone who broke your heart?! How long does a broken heart last?!

Why does it hurt so much? Studies show that your brain registers the emotional pain of heartbreak in the

same way as physical pain, which is why you might feel like your heartbreak is causing actual physical hurt.

The Broken Hearts Gallery is a fictional story that was written and directed by Natalie Krinsky. The director did

not draw inspiration from any book or novel for the story. However, the director admitted that she has always

been inspired by romantic comedy movies like When Harry Met Sally and Bridget Jones’ Diary.

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“Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” is not just a hit song from the 1960s—it is a fact. Anyone who has gone through a

breakup knows that a broken heart can be difficult to mend. This universal emotional response to the sudden,

unexpected, or unwanted loss of love is often characterized by an intense longing, hurt, and/or desire for an

ex or unrequited love. And it can hurt like hell. For some, it feels like their whole world is caving in on them.

And in many cases, because the pain is so great and the path to mending it seems so daunting, people avoid

healing their broken hearts. This avoidance can lead to many unwanted side effects, including, but not limited

to, greater internal conflict, complicated emotional responses, withdrawal, and difficulty in future relationships.

So, how do you heal a broken heart? Here are a few tips I have picked up in my training, clinical experiences, and late-night calls with girlfriends and family members.

Broken Hearts

Breaking up can trigger chemical, emotional, and physical reactions that cause you to feel lonely, unloveable,

depressed, and worthless. That’s not just going to go away with a new haircut, maxing out your Visa with a new

wardrobe, or hitting the club. Instead of pushing yourself to move forward quickly, take time to acknowledge

how you are feeling. Bottling up your emotions may seem like a good idea in the short term, but it can lead to

unwanted long-term consequences, such as bitterness, a jaded view of relationships, fear, depression, a

poor self-image, and serial dating. Your feelings are valid. Whether you were convinced that your ex was “the

one,” even though he clearly wasn’t to your friends and family, doesn’t matter. Your thoughts might be

distorted, but your feelings are real. Take the time you need to explore them.

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