Call In Love This Valentine's Day With These 3 Beginner Love Spells

Call In Love This Valentine’s Day With These 3 Beginner Love

Call In Love This Valentine’s Day With These 3 Beginner Love 

Call In Love This Valentine’s Day With These 3 Beginner Love. Spirituality & Relationships Sarah Regan

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Magick has been used for centuries to help us call in our deepest desires, and what we desire more—


Valentine’s Day—than love? From love for ourselves to love from another, love spells are accessible to all of us 

and can help us manifest the loving energy we want in our lives. Here’s a bit on the history of love magick, plus three beginner spells to try for yourself this Valentine’s Day.

The history of love magick

Love magick can be traced back through history to as early as 2200 BCE, in the ancient Near East (present-day Iraq.

southeast Turkey, southwest Iran, northeastern Syria, and Kuwait), we well as in ancient Egypt. As time went

on, these practices were picked up in ancient Greek and Roman cultures and continued on through the Middle

Ages and the Renaissance, and are still around today.

Magick has, generally speaking, always been associated with women and witches, and love magick specifically

includes anything from literal spells to things like potions, rituals, dolls, and so on. Today, as more people open

up to the potential of magick, novice witches are keen to try their hand at beginner spells and rituals.

And just as an FYI, “magick” with a “k” serves to create a distinction from stage magic or illusion. It was first

coined by Aleister Crowley, who created the Thelema religion and led the spiritual practice that would become

Wicca. How you spell it is really up to your preference.

3 beginner spells to try.

Similar to manifesting, crystal work, and the like, the following spells are a way to channel intention and get

clear on what it is you want. For your intention to come true, it’s always important to pair action with your spell

to actively work toward what you’re calling in.

As Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witchand Bewitching the Elements, explains “I think the most powerful

love spell there is—instead of just casting a spell—is embodying the energy of love, becoming love, and acting

as a magnet for that. And figuring out what it means for you to romance yourself, what it means for you to

have a relationship with love internally before you move to have that externally.”

1. A spell for strengthening love.

For a spell that can not only strengthen existing love but also attract a particular partner, Skye Alexander,

author of The Modern Witchcraft Book of Love Spells describes the “Sealed With a Kiss” spell, which involves

infusing a love letter with magick to boost love in that particular partnership.

“In days of old, people used wax to seal letters,” she explains. “This spell harkens back to that lovely tradition.

It also taps the visual magick of Norse runes to express your intention.” Here’s how to do it. What you’ll need:

  • 1 pink or red candle in a holder
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A piece of pretty paper and an envelope
  • A pen with red ink
  • A nail, athame, or another pointed tool


  1. Light the candle and set it on a table, desk, or another surface where you will work.
  2. On the paper, write a love letter to your partner (someone with whom you are currently involved—or one you wish to attract).
  3. When you’ve finished, fold the sheet of paper and slip it into the envelope. Hold the candle slightly tilted, and drip some of the melted wax onto the flap of the envelope to seal it.
  4. After the wax has cooled somewhat but is still soft, inscribe the rune called Cebu in the wax. A symbol of love and partnership, it simply looks like an X.
  5. You may then mail the letter to your beloved or lay it on your bedside table. If you’re into feng shui, you could also place it in the relationship section of your home.

2. A spell for attracting love.

This easy spell from Herstik involves the use of honey and alcohol to attract and strengthen love. She

explains it can be tweaked for a variety of intentions, but here, we’ll use particular herbs and crystals that

work with loving energy. Again, as Herstik notes, it’s always important to remember to embody love yourself

as you are trying to attract it into your life.What you’ll need:

  • A small to medium-sized jar
  • Honey
  • Alcohol of choice (vodka, rum, tequila, etc.)
  • Rose petals and thorns represent love with healthy boundaries
  • Herbs that correspond with love (think blue lotus for an aphrodisiac, lavender for healing, cinnamon for lust and sex, patchouli for passion, oregano for good luck, and so on)
  • A crystal-like rose quartz (optional)
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • A candle
  • Matches or a lighter

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