Dream interpretation

Dream interpretation

Dream interpretation. Dreams are an open window into our sub-conscience. Often the things we see in our dreams can

be our minds trying to tell us something that our conscience mind can’t understand.

Dreams can sometimes be messages from spirits, ghosts, or other supernatural sources.

Our dream interpretation can give you an insight into what your current dream may mean. Enter a description of your dream below and we will search our records for what it may mean.

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You’re falling. Your teeth fall out. You’re constantly 10 minutes late for your big work presentation. We’ve all had

those dreams that made us wake up in a full panic, only to realize they’re, well, just dreams. 

actually mean—and why do we still think about them after we wake up?

“For vivid dreamers, our body can often experience what is happening in the dream,” says Eliza Boquin, a licensed psychotherapist, sex therapist, and owner of The Flow & Ease Healing Center. “As we begin to transition back.

State of alertness, it can take a few moments or even hours to get fully grounded into the present moment.”


The interpretation: Usually this dream is connected to work, says Loewenberg. “School was our first job ever,”

Loewenberg points out, adding that this dream is common when a work challenge is on the horizon. “Whether you’re

trying to get a new client, it’s evaluation time, you’re trying to get a promotion—anytime you’re feeling tested and you’ve got to prove yourself.” The takeaway? “How did you feel in the dream? Were you prepared? It’s kind of like a mirror.


The interpretation: If the celeb cameo feels random, there’s still a reason they’re hanging around your subconscious.

Ultimately, there’s something about that person and it could be deep in their IMDb history—that’s relevant to you

right now. “Ask yourself what is it about this person that relates back to you,” explains Loewenberg. “It could be a

movie they’re in, a song of their message will be in the title of that movie, or the lyrics to that song.”


The interpretation: “If there’s infidelity in your past, either in this relationship or a past relationship, this will keep

cropping up because it’s a bone of contention within yourself,” says Loewenberg. Also important to remember?

Dreams aren’t prophecies. “If there aren’t trust issues and this seems to be coming out of left field, then it doesn’t mean

your partner’s cheating,” explains Loewenberg. Instead, there may be another third wheel to blame. “There’s

something that’s taking up too much time and attention away from you,” she says. “It could be a job, golf,

friends. New baby. something is causing you to feel cheated out of that time and attention.


The interpretation: This one can be just as alarming—yet it’s just as symbolic. “My experience with these types of dreams is there is often some doubt about the other person’s loyalty or the safety of the relationship, most often

emotional,” says Boquin. “Betrayal can happen in many forms, so if you feel that your partner is prioritizing something.

or someone else before you, or that they’re not being fully transparent, your subconscious may be trying to process.

what is happening? Dreams are a space where we can confront the taboo or issues we’re unwilling to confront when we’re awake.”

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