Honey jar spell to return a lover

Honey jar spell to return a lover


     Honey jar spell to return a lover. This spell has a nice ring to it. It sounds quite intriguing. Well, make no mistakes. It certainly is. This is the spell that people use when they are generally in love with someone. Honey jar spell to return a lover But, unfortunately, the other person is not able to return those feelings of love.

Love spells with honey and cinnamon can also be used when a person has broken up with you but you want that person to come back into your life. Regardless, it is good to know what this jar entails because a lot of people find themselves struggling for true love. There is no harm in trying your best to find the love of your life. Do you also want to make a lover return in your life? If yes, then practice this honey jar spell for amazing results.

How to perform a honey jar spell?

The idea is to sweeten the mind of the person that you are in love with and want to bring into your life. To start this spell, first of all, you are going to need a glass jar or a mason jar. Honey jar spell to return a lover Make sure it comes with a lid.

  • You will start by grabbing a piece of paper and a ball pen with red ink
  • Begin by writing the name of your love in odd numbers such as 9 3 or 7. The minimum number of times it should be written is 3 and max is 9.
  • Now move this piece 90 degrees and write your name across the name of your name in a way that it overlaps and crosses over his or her name.
  • Make sure you write your own name an equal number of times as you did your lover.
  • Now make a circle.
  • Around this circle, start writing your wish without breaking the sentence. It should be written in continuation.
  • Also, make sure to write the wish in a way that your first letter ends up touching the last of the wish thus forming a circle.
  • Practice this 2-3 times
  • Now fold this piece three times and place it in the Mason jar.
  • Fill this up with honey and daily speak with it as if you were speaking with your loved one. Express what you want from them and tell the jar that you want your love to come into your life.
  • Continue to practice this for at least a month jar spell to return a lover

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