How to Attract Good Luck and Wealth (with 3 BEST Methods)

How to Attract Good Luck and Wealth (with 3 BEST Methods).We all want a prosperous life.But, how to attract

good luck and wealth?

According to modern witches, there are some simple magic spells that can help bring you good fortune and

money. Never doubt the power of witchcraft because they do work effectively.Free Spell Casting or 

In today’s article, I’m going to reveal some spells and tips you can perform at home to attract prosperity. Try

out from today. Who knows…maybe tomorrow you will win the lottery!

For individuals practicing rituals and incantations, not many of you know that every spot in your house can

make magic spark. Therefore, in order to gain best luck and wealth, let’s start from your home…

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Top 3 Ways That Will Bring Good Luck and Wealth

different methods to attract good luck and money

I. Things to Do in Your Home

1. Activate the area of fortune and money

The first simple spell to draw prosperity into your life is to activate the area of fortune and money in the house you are living. How to determine that zone? Remember that it’s usually located in the southeast; and if that place happens to be your room, then the money zone will be in the left corner and can be activated by money.

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Hence, to activate that area’s power, I recommend you to add there anything symbolizing water, such as an aquarium or a fountain, and then put golden fishes, coins, green crystals, or money wooden box into there.

While placing each item, please repeat this chant 3 times:How to Attract Good Luck and Wealth (with 3 BEST Methods)

“Feel the flow and power of the water and bring money into this house.

2. Cleanse dust

Wondering why wealth didn’t come to your life?

The answer is probably because of clutter and mess in your house. Those things generate negative energy and avoid good luck knocking your door. Therefore, make sure the area of ​​wealth has to be neat and tidy always. Regularly cleanse dust before performing a session as it may catch on ritual objects.

Please note that the water of your aquarium with golden fishes must be as clear as crystal, and you shouldn’t put any stone inside.

Based on the Chinese ancient culture, the Chinese treat their fishes with great care and sincerity. The legend says that one will never encounter financial issues as long as their fish is alive and taken well care of. On the other hand, the death of a fish is considered as a bad omen.

That explains why you need to erase dust on all ritual objects; don’t forget to chant while cleaning:

“Clean water, holy fish…please help me remove my bad luck away and achieve my money goals.”

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