How to Attract Good Luck with Salt Charm

How to Attract Good Luck with Salt Charm

How to Attract Good Luck with Salt Charm. Not only do we generate our own cascade of emotions and energies in our auras, but we also collect the energies, emotions, and characteristics of the situations that occur around and in nearby auras. And if they are negative they can stick to our auras. How to Attract Good Luck with Salt Charm.

How to Attract Good Luck with Salt Charm

Therefore, if we do not resort to a cleansing of bad energies, they can interfere with our energy and even our

\relationships. The compatibility between auras is the basis of the attractions (and rivalries) between people.

For centuries, salt served as a currency, a food preservative, a medicine, and a spiritual cleansing element. Centuries

before our era, the Egyptians used salt to mummify their dead and pickle their fish and meat. Salt is an essential

element for life since the body needs it to function properly. It is said that thousands of troops led by Napoleon

Bonaparte perished during the invasion of Russia because, in addition to the freezing temperatures, they lacked salt to heal their wounds.

Sea salt is a type of unrefined salt that is obtained directly from the sea. The water is extracted and placed in large trays.

where it is left for the sun and the wind to evaporate the liquid naturally.

In this way, sea salt retains minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc, and iodine, which

makes it the most effective type of salt for your spells and works of Magic.

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