how to stop a divorce you don't want

How to stop a divorce you don’t want

How to stop a divorce you don’t want. I provide a wide range of services to both individuals and couples. Being

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It’s completely normal to feel panicked or defeated if your partner wants a divorce, but this doesn’t mean that

he or she won’t come around. “In my marriage retreats, I frequently work with couples on the brink of divorce.

One or both partners seem to have given up or arrive ambivalent about staying together,”

says therapist John Grey, Ph.D. “A surprising majority of times, when I help them get to the root of their issues,

things turn around, they remember their love for each other, and they want to stay together.” In order for you

to allow that to happen, the first step in the process is to accept that your partner wants out. You are both

entitled to your own feelings, and it’s crucial to accept his or her position without trying to change it.

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“People act worse, not better when their primitive survival alarm is ringing,” says Grey. “And there is nothing that rings.

our survival alarm louder than the threat of divorce.” All of those mean things people say and immature things people.

do during a divorce “are governed by the primitive parts of our brain that operate without our permission during a,

threat,” explains Grey. It’s essential to recognize this fight-or-flight pattern in yourself and stop reacting. Your goal is to

be the mature, kind, and loving person your partner fell in love with, not the anxious, angry person in survival mode.

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