How to stop divorce of parents

How to stop divorce of parents

How to stop Divorce of parents. I provide a wide range of services to both individuals and couples. Being one

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Divorce Quake If you are a divorced parent, you know the absolute worst part of tearing your marriage asunder is that you

knowingly, willingly shatter your kids’ lives. You may be absolutely right to do so. You may know (or

desperately hope) that short-term pain will result in a far better life. Or, your ex may have left you no choice but

to get out. It’s not your fault…

It doesn’t matter. We tell our children, time and time again “This has NOTHING to do with how much I love

you.” We assure and reassure “Daddy and I love you all very, very much and we are doing this because it is the

best way we know how to be the best parents we can….”

No matter what words we say, no matter how predictable, how obvious, how long-in-coming the split is, it is

always, on some deep, primal level, an agonizing shock to our children. We are pulling the rug out from

beneath their entire lives and they have every right to feel stunned, panicked, freaked out, enraged, in pain,

and like every single thing they thought was a foundational truth about their existence is now up for grabs. Or,

worse, was a lie.



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