How to use Dragons Blood Incense. Dragon’s blood is mainly a Type of incense made from the resin of a palm tree.

called Dracaena, or Dragon Tree. These trees are native to the Socotra archipelago near the Arabian Sea and can be.

found in Yemen countries. This otherworldly tree can live for over a thousand years and has an unusual umbrella-like appearance.

The resin found in these trees was once popularly used for medicinal purposes. People believed it had properties that.

could help heal wounds, but it was not limited to just that. Native American cultures have been using incense for rituals.

and ceremonies because they believe it has certain healing properties. They use it to communicate with spirits 

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The resin extracted from the dragon tree is usually bright red in color. This aspect gives it its name; the resin isn’t.

However, the dragon’s blood incense is not only used in ritualistic ceremonies. Consider lighting up an incense

stick or cone before bed to help you simmer down after a day of hard work. Because of its scent, there is a

wide. How to use Dragons Blood Incense.

number of ways to use it. You can use it while working, or even to mask unwanted odors in your house. However.

Add the fragrance of Dragon’s Blood incense sticks while you do your tasks around the house, and use the

warm. pleasant scent it produces for more than just rituals and ceremonies.

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In American Hoodoo, African-American folk magic, and New Orleans voodoo, it is used in mojo hands for money-drawing or love-drawing and is used as incense to cleanse a space of negative entities or influences.

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