Husband and Wife Dispute

Husband and Wife Dispute

Husband and Wife Dispute. An assertion of a right, claim, or demand on one side is met by contrary claims or

allegations on the other, resulting in a conflict or controversy mainly known as a dispute. There can be several

types of disputes that can occur between two parties or a group, like arbitration disputes, and construction

disputes. Employment disputes, financial disputes, disputes over fraud, etc. but the most commonly noticed

one is the matrimonial dispute. The argument or disagreement between husband and wife over all the

concerning issues like divorce, maintenance, child custody, or protection orders.

Matrimonial disputes may be referred to as arguments, often legal ones, regarding marriage, which can arise

at a stage of time between marital partners. The conflicts between the husband and wife can be linked to a

variety of factors, including verbal or physical abuse, as well as personal characteristics and behavioral

patterns. The other reason for such conflicts can also be addressed as  Marital dissatisfaction, extramarital

relations, habitual drinking, etc. sometimes turns into a criminal case resulting in domestic violence,

demand for dowry, or mental or physical torture.

Now, what if you found yourself in a situation similar to the above with your partner, what should be the first step you should take?

  What to do if you don’t know whether to continue with your marriage or not?

The basic step is to resolve the issue between themselves without the interference of family members or any

third person, as communication, is the key to resolving any issue.

If you find yourself stuck at a place with your partner, where you cannot get on the same page with your

partner, then whom to go, how to seek help to save your relationship– You can always hire a lawyer for the

marriage counseling, where together as husband and wife can express their issues to the counselor and get

genuine advice from them, without entering into the court and litigation procedures, which is also considered to be the best option nowadays

Another way is if things are not in a situation to sort casually, but you are still willing to save your marriage,

and you consider your dispute genuine and in need of help, you can legally take the matter, but the first thing

to do is to send a legal notice to your partners in a respectful way about the concerning issues and problems

so that both the partners can get sufficient time to rethink and to land on a mutual decision.

If you feel that your dispute in your relationship with your partner cannot be resolved, and it is not possible to

live together under the same roof, and have tried to save it in every possible way. You always have an option

to go for a divorce, by hiring your lawyer, but always consider this as the last step

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