Is NDAU a Shona?

Is NDAU a Shona? The Ndau are an ethnic group that inhabits the areas in south-eastern Zimbabwe in the districts

of Chipinge and Chimanimani in which they are natives. They are also found in parts of Bikita, in the Zambezi valley.

central Mozambique all the way to the coast, and in central Malawi. The name “Ndau” is a derivation from the people’s

traditional salutation “Ndau wee!” in greetings and other social settings. When the Ngoni observed this, they called

them the Ndau people, the name itself meaning the land, the place, or the country in their language. Some suggestions.

are that the name is derived from the Nguni words “Amading’indawo” which means “those looking for a place” as this

is what the Gaza Nguni called them and the name then evolved to Ndau.

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Because of the large-scale conquests of the Ngunis in the 1820s, a lot of the Ndau ancestry evolved to include the

Nguni bloodline and ancestry. This is evident in the wealth of Nguni words in the Ndau language, Nguni names.

surnames. In the 1820s, during a period of severe drought, northern Nguni armies particularly the (Zulu, Swazi,

Ndwandwe, Khumalo and Ndebele) people who speak related Bantu languages and inhabit southeast Africa from

Cape Province to southern Mozambique began to migrate to Mozambique from what is now South Africa. One Nguni.

chief, Nxaba, established a short-lived kingdom inland from Sofala, but in 1837 he was defeated by Soshangane.

powerful Nguni rival. Eventually, Soshangane established his capital in the highlands of the middle Sabie River. The attraction spells

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