lost love spell


Lost love spell. Use the candle-loss love spell to bring back the lost love lost love spell. The relationship is over but you still have feelings for him or her and all you want is to make that special

person come back into your life. If you are looking for a surefire way to bring your ex back to you,

Get to know that this spell (African Voodoo Love Spells) is dubbed so because it majors on enhancing the

power of candles in the journey of love


These love spells work best if applied correctly according to the situation at hand. it also applies to common

situations, such as the break-up of potential or active marriage partners and in cases of husband/wife

snatching amongst others.


  • White paper
  • White and red candles
  • Your lost lover’s photo
  • A red string
  • A red pen
  • A black napkin


  1. Collect the above ingredients and await the advent of a night when there is a full moon. 


  2. Write your lost wife’s/ husband’s name on the white paper. 


  3. Place the lit candles on the paper, but ensure that they are on opposite edges.  


  4. Burn small spots of the paper using the red candle on both the upper and lower sides.  


  5. Wrap your lost lover’s image in the napkin and tie the package using the thread.   


  6. Hold the package on top of the burning candles without burning it. 


  7. At the same time, you should be focusing your mind on your lost lover as you chant the words that are appropriate for the corresponding season that you will be casting the spell.  It is advisable to do the spell soonest possible before your partner and use the appropriate words to chant. Failure to do so may lead to delayed and ineffective results. 


The candle-loss love spell will show its effectiveness when your partner returns home, calls you, or seeks someone else to ask you to help them get you back into his/her life.

It is, however, a sensitive activity that demands focus on at least three things simultaneously, that is, physical action, chanting, and visualizing your partner.

NB: if however your lover is just far away from you, you can use this spell below to be reunited with your loved one.


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