Love and Attraction Wash

Love and Attraction Wash

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Love and Attraction Wash Love and Attraction

Art of the root free shipping / Art of the root Amazon / Blockbuster bath, Success bath / Art of the root oils UK,

Love & Attraction Bath Salts are made from a combination of dead sea salt mixed with a small amount of Kosher

salt. Kosher salt is a traditional Hoodoo remedy for cleansing and purifying. It is known to aid in the removal of

blocks and obstacles. The Love & Attraction Bath makes a lovely bath soak or if you feel as though you want to

perform a ritual bath, you can certainly use Love & Attraction Bath Salts as a means to perform a love drawing

ritual. You can also mix a bit with some warm water and use this as both a door wash and a floor wash. Just

remember when performing a spiritual floor wash, to start at the back (and top floor, if you have one) and work

your way up to the front door and entrance of your home. It’s also important to draw the mop towards you as you clean

the floors. The concept behind this is the notion that you are drawing love to you, not away from you.

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