Love Spells to Make some come see you

Love Spells to Make some come see you

Love Spells to Make some come see you. Call me” spells shouldn’t be hard to perform. In this case, you only need a piece of paper and your cell phone. You can do this spell every day until finally someone calls you. On that piece of paper, write the name and place it under your phone. This spell requires your strongest will and in that manner, your desire will be projected to the person you wish for to call you. It can happen instantly, but the projected term is 3 days.

Spell 2: Use the energy of water/Love Spells to Make some come see you

These spells should bring quick and good results. Get yourself a glass of water. Place it on the open window and sprinkle some salt. Close your eyes and sing “Listen to me, call me, we have to talk ” three times and then drink the water. The spell can make anyone contact you. This is an effective way to transfer positive energy to the person you want.

Spell 3: The power of visualization

The magic of love is related to visualization and your desire to achieve your goals and desires. And here is the trap: you need to think about it and want someone to look for you and think about you with all your heart.

While doing so, imagine that special person you like. Imagine him/her taking the phone and sending you a message, or something like that. Then, take the needle and place it in the center of that circle. Place that paper somewhere on the point of the phone and leave it. The spell will work in the next 5 minutes, hours or days, depending on how big your desire was.

Spell 4: Candle to boost the “think of me, call me and look for me” spells

These are the most potent and easy spells to get the one you love, longing for you. But an important point to note is that; these spells only work on someone you had been in communication with previously, but the person stopped communicating with you, for reasons not know to you; the spell is not going to work when you try to use it on random people, which have no link or line of communication with you.

How to get him/her to look for me and think about me?

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