Magick and Spell Casting

Magick and Spell Casting

Magick and Spell Casting. Many people (especially on this site) will say that transformation spells are fake, so I’d like to clear things up.
Any spell works, and it’s a fact.
I’ll be bashed or hated for saying this, but it is true, any spell, transformational or summoning spell, works!

I will quote someone who posted on this site
”Faith is the best tool in magic!
Even those that seem like fake spells can be done with enough faith
Emotions are frequency. We are but spirits having physical experiences. Emotions influence spells so be careful.
Also, visualization is key to completing any spell”

And it is indeed true.
The best key in spelling is ”belief”.
Without belief, a spell is no more no less than a set of empty words that show nothing.

Also, I’d like to quote someone else from this site:
”I just recently learned that spells are like recipe books – you take what you know from the spell and add what you want, whether it’s just a change of words, ingredients, or methods.

And also, I will quote someone else who has helped me a lot by this:
”Passion fuels a spell; doubt kills it.

Spell can be performed almost anywhere – though I don’t recommend performing them in the midst of rush hour. You need to work where you won’t be disturbed at all. Magick and Spell Casting

Once you’ve cast a spell, don’t talk, nor think about it, for 24 hours. (However, I am not sure how to think of this as some people suggest thinking about the spell to increase belief).

An old axiom says spells should rhyme. A rhymed spell has joyfulness and rhyme and is easier to memorize.

A spell is only to control yourself, not others; never cast a spell on someone else without their permission”

So what are all these things I quoted?
Well, keys to successful spell casting.

You will hear people say spells don’t work, people who don’t believe in transformation spells, people who don’t believe in magick, but magick exists. People won’t agree with me, people will say I am a 10-year-old who’s living in films too much, but I am not.
I know what I am saying.
Magick is belief, and belief is key to all spells you can imagine.

So try following what I said and try casting a spell.
Magick and casting spells are like closing your eyes and throwing yourself, knowing that someone will catch you. That’s what it is to cast a spell.
When you fall, you just know the spell will not let you hit the ground but will catch you instead.

Transformation spells, love spells, fantasy spells… it does not matter. Any of them work. They call people who believe in transformation spell fluffies – morons. I just think they don’t believe enough.
Oh, and also, I am against love spells. Magick and Spell Casting.
Because it is never true love.
I am not a love favouriser as I hate romance things, so I can’t really talk about this nor give you good advice, so best advice I can give you is that love spells are not true love spells.

Anyway, back to my point.
People will say I should stop lying. But I should say the same for them. This is not children’s game, I know what I am writing.
Also, one tip from me.
Please, write your own spell.
Don’t say something like ”I can’t I suck”
Yes, you can! If you really want it, you will be able to put work in it and you will make a successful spell, because it came from you, from your heart. While making a spell, don’t you dare think for a moment it won’t work! Believe with all your heart. Passion fuels spells, doubt kills them.

You can create any kind of spell and you can become what you want. Believe in it. Okay?
Put emotions in the spell. Happiness! Passion! Feel happy as you will become what you want soon, once you make a spell of yours. You can do any other spell, of course, but a perfect spell can only be made by us because we think it is simply… perfect.

Have a nice day!

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