Make Someone Dream of You

Make Someone Dream of You

Make Someone Dream of You. Although these spells are in the spiritual category of spells, they are not as

deadly or difficult to cast as most spiritual spells.

Instead, these dream spells are more fun spells. With them, you can implant dreams into other people’s minds, or even nightmares!

Mis-cast spells can lead to years of nightmares though, so beware of casting these spells correctly.

Find a time when you are sure the person is asleep. Generally, for most people with somewhat normal sleep schedules.

you can count on 3 am as being a good time. You can do it closer to the time they will wake up. They will remember it

better, but you will be taking a risk. They may wake up before you finish, or they might even awaken before you begin.

This is not a good thing – when you are trying to send a dream to someone, and they are awake, it will often make.

they feel negative towards you. Subconsciously, it gets them in “You are invading my mind!” mode. They won’t know why, but they might feel odd around you.

Is it true if you dream about someone they are thinking about you?! Can you influence someone’s dreams?! What does it mean when you dream about someone constantly?! Why do people appear in your dreams?

It’s a good idea to sleep before the hour when you will perform the meditation. Sleep for 4 or 5 hours and set

an alarm to wake you at whatever time you choose ideally, being when the target is asleep. How to dream of

your lover in USA. When you are awakened by the alarm at that time, get up and stretch, walk around your room

a bit, and get a drink if you need to. You shouldn’t be unable to get back to sleep, but you should be aware enough that your mind is working.

Get comfortable again in bed and lay in your normal sleeping position. From the dream meditation, you should

fall asleep. In fact, you should fall asleep during it, believe it or not!

Now you must get a perfect, clear visualization of the person. Use all those characteristics mentioned before to

create the person in your mind – posture, looks, clothes, etc. Now focus on contacting that person. Think of

their name over and over again, keeping their image in your mind. Be ‘looking’ into the eyes of the person in

your mind. You will feel it when the contact is picked up – if they are asleep. You will feel a slight surge of

energy and a strange sensation, at this point, your minds are hooked up. It’s easier to make this connection

than it is to maintain it.

What makes a person dream of someone?|How do you know someone is dreaming about you? |Can you dream of someone else?|

Here is where you should begin controlling the dream. Focus on creating the scene and begin “playing it out”
as you had imagined earlier. Make sure you are clear about your message. Listen to what the other person
says. Don’t let your mind wander away!! You will fall asleep in a quiet dream in Australia naturally from this
point onward. Surprisingly – the dream will not end here. Chances are, however, you will both “go your separate
ways” as your psyches drop connections. Once you are in the REM (rapid eye movement) state of sleep, you
will be so out of it that unless you dream lucidly, you will not have control over anything following that point.
The same will be happening on the other person’s side.

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