Make something happen

Make something happen

Make something happen. Take a strip of parchment and write the name of the target on the parchment with the charcoal. Then, fold the piece of parchment in half so the name is on the inside. Close your eyes and think of what you want to happen to this person in your head. Picture it and think these thoughts for at least thirty seconds before opening your eyes. The longer you think; the stronger the magic.

Once your eyes are open unfold the piece of paper and rip it in half. Try to get either directly through the center of the name or try to rip the crease. The crisper the edge on the rip the more likely the events will happen.

This has worked for me 99% of the time. I’ve ‘wished’ for everything from sex (Eh, it’s natural), to getting a good paycheck at work. You can write either your name on the parchment or another person’s. The effects will be the same. (If you write your name you ARE wanting the effects for yours.

Now, as will most magic, this is dangerous. The effects of your ‘wish’ can be irreversible so think twice before wishing death or something else bad on another human being. If they die, there is no way to bring them back. Mean what you wish!

This ‘wish’ works best when you are alone with little to no distractions. Give yourself space from most worldly objects. Let your mind drift into the essence of what you are wishing for.

Have fun with this. I’ve done this quite a lot and it works most of the time. The only time it did not work for me is when I ‘wished’ for someone to be killed in a car accident. Mind you, the accident DID happen, but they were not killed. Just a few broken bones and a concussion. I really regretted it and I’m so thankful that the person didn’t die. So please, heed my warning. Be careful.

What word means to make something happen?|What is a word for someone who makes things happen?|

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