How do you pray to the universe?,

Prayer To Connect to Higher Self

Prayer to connect to the higher self. It really doesn’t matter who you’re praying to – call it God, Spirit, Goddess, Higher Self.

Universe or whatever feels authentic for you, the important part is that you are open-minded and receptive to the

magic that can happen when you put your palms together. Prayer can change our perceptions, and when our

perceptions change, our life starts to change. The problem we often face when praying is that we only try when we’re, Prayer To Connect to Higher Self.

desperate for something. You know the kind of prayers I’m talking about: “Please Universe, give me the job/get that guy to like me/make this situation go away.” When we’re in a state of desperation or negativity we shut off the flow of Spirit – which is why these kinds of prayers aren’t often answered.

Here are five types of prayer that will bring us more peace and shift our perception, and it’s when this happens

that miracles start taking place.

Prayers of Allowing|Prayer to connect to the higher self|

A prayer of allowing is a prayer when you let the Spirit work things out for you. This is allowing the divine flow of

the Universe to arrange things beyond what you can do yourself. Prayer to connect to the higher self

This type of prayer acknowledges that you are the co-creator with Spirit and not the creator itself. An example of a

prayer of allowing would be “Dear Spirit/Universe/Angels/Higher Self please let everything work out for the highest good involving the situation with my job.

Prayers of Gratitude|?| How do you pray to the universe?|

A prayer of appreciation or gratitude is a prayer that confirms all of the blessings and positive things that are

happening in your life right now. As the powerful law of attraction states; we attract what we give attention, energy, and focus to.

An example of a prayer of gratitude or appreciation would be “Spirit/Universe/Angels/Higher Self thank you for all of the love I have in my life right now.”

Now, in some situations, it may be hard to see that you have love (or whatever you are asking for) in your life, but if you do, pray to connect to your higher self.

can find even just a little bit, be thankful for that! Once you’re thankful for that it opens up the energy to receive more.

Also, appreciation and gratitude prayers can be said for anything and everything that you have in your life that makes you feel good right now. Start affirming through prayer what you love and you will attract more of it.

3 Prayers of Confirmation|Evening Prayers for the Universe

A prayer of confirmation is similar to a prayer of appreciation or gratitude except it is confirming that the positive situations you have in your life right now are worthy of attention. I like to think of a prayer of confirmation in terms of how things are working out well. For example: “Spirit/Universe/Angels/Higher Self thank you so much for bringing this friend into my life who has opened my eyes and opened my heart.”

Prayers of confirmation are always affirming that things are working out and you’re acknowledging that everything is unfolding perfectly.

4 Prayers of Inquiry|Gratitude prayer to the universe

Prayers of inquiry are very valuable in our lives. Inquiry is when we look at our inner or outer world and need some extra guidance or help in some way. These are the prayers when you feel a little lost or a little confused in your life. This is the area where most people fall into saying a prayer of control or desperation because they want to change it instead of asking for help or insight into it. For example: “Spirit/Universe/Angels/Higher Self please help me to see a better way of dealing with this situation with my (job, family, self, money).”

The answers to these prayers may come in the form of situations that show up in your life, or situations where someone says something that changes your opinion or helps you to see things more clearly.

Prayers of inquiry are very powerful in our lives because it opens us up to new perspectives.

5 Prayers of Extension|Powerful affirmation prayers

Prayers of extension are prayers where it is not about you at all. It is about sending love, healing, and resolution to other people in your life or situations in the world. For example: “Spirit/Universe/Angels/Higher Self please help my friend to see the good in this very painful breakup that she is going through.”

When we see pain in others or in the world we are asked to send love and healing to them. A prayer of extension does just that.

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