Protection Spells: Rituals & White Witches’ Magic

Protection Spells Rituals & White Witches’ Magic

Protection Spells Rituals & White Witches’ Magic. Many people start their path into Witchcraft and Magic

seeking spiritual protection. For many of us, it is vital to have a strong shield of protection that keeps our

body, mind, and home clear of negative energies.

If you’ve felt surrounded by a black cloud, suffered from excessive fatigue, feelings of sadness or negative

thoughts that come to you, use some of these ancestral techniques to clear your energy field and remove


Spells for Protection and Good Luck

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Wiccan House Blessing Prayer and Spell

Chant this Wiccan prayer to bless a new home or as part of a house and family protection spell. You don’t need to be a Wiccan or Pagan to chant this home blessing prayer.

Prayer for Blessing your House

Sweet Embrace: Spell to Banish Evil and Negativity

Whether you need to banish someone’s energy to get rid of a curse or banish a spirit from your home, this incantation will ward off intrusive energies that might be hurting you or making you vulnerable to psychic attacks.

Spell to Banish Evil and Negativity

Magic Armor: Good Luck Onion Protection Spell

Cast this powerful spell to ward off negative energies using the power of Salt for spiritual protection in combination with the healing properties of onion.

Good Luck Onion Protection Spell

Cleanse and Protect Spiritual Spell Bath

This pre-spell cleansing bath can be done at any time and will set the perfect mood for any kind of spellwork, particularly for those where we need to open a spiritual road, such as unblocking a path to success, money, love, or luck.

Cleanse and Protect Spiritual Spell Bath

Pet Protection Spell|Protection Spells: Rituals & White Witches’ Magic

This is a protection spell for pets, including cats, dogs, birds, turtles, or any other household animal. It will protect a pet from theft so that they don’t get lost or sick.

Pet Protection Spell

Elemental Road Opener Spell|Protection Spells: Rituals & White Witches’ Magic

If you are feeling stuck or having a hard time with a specific problem, this simple spell might help you find the right course of action.

Road Opener Wiccan Ritual

Lunar Protection Wiccan Spell

Chant this Full Moon Prayer for protection, which you can accompany by a super easy ritual of Kitchen Magic. This is a simple candle spell that you can cast on the next full moon.

Lunar Protection Spell: Super Easy Full Moon Ritual

Elemental Protection: Home-Cleanse Spell with Salt

Do this super easy home ritual to cleanse the energies at home and bring extra protection with salt. Use this spell to clear any evil spirits or bad energies from your home as often as you need to.

'Elemental Protection': Home-Cleanse Spell with Salt

How to Consecrate Your Amulets

This ritual works just like the consecration of your tools. It’s a small ceremony in which you invite the object to become a part of your identity and your spiritual path, Protection Spells Rituals & White Witches’ Magic.

The Easiest Way to Charge & Activate Talismans or Amulets

The Fearless Sigil: Self-Confidence Spell

Cho Ku Rei is a very versatile symbol that can cast away anxiety and fear. Use this spell before taking a test, a job interview, or in any other stressful situation.

Self Confidence Power Sigil Spell

Sun Sigil: Candle Magic to Pass a Test

This spell to ace an exam channels focus and concentration into a solar sigil that will be your good luck charm for the test to Protection Spells Rituals & White Witches’ Magic

Spell to Pass an Exam

Moondrop Blessing: Spell to Keep and Protect Your Job

This is a very simple ritual that transfers the energies of the Full Moon to your clothes or home with a simple protection chant. Chanting is a great way to transmit positive intentions.

Spell to Keep and Protect your Job with Moon Water

Shaman Blessing: Easy Protection Spell with Sage

This simple ritual for protection works wonders for clearing negative spiritual entities. If you are feeling bad energies at home after an odd event or unexpected visit, try this easy Wiccan protection spell.

Shaman Blessing an Easy Protection Spell with Sage

Good Luck and Protection on my path: Spell Jar Recipe

A powerful incantation and a beautiful jar filled with positive intentions. This recipe has everything you need to clear away negativity and open the road to a lucky, protected future.

simple protection spell

Home Blessing Oil Recipe and Ritual

This anointing oil can be used for dressing candles, blessing your home, yourself, and any tools or objects you’d like to anoint with its power!

Home Blessing Oil Recipe

Wiccan Blessing Oil Recipe

Use this oil to bless or consecrate tools, candles, and ingredients. For home protection, you can make symbols with it on the doors of the house – for example, a pentagram.

Wiccan Blessing Oil Recipe

Magical Protection Oil Recipe

Use this Protection Oil to anoint candles or apply to windows and door frames of your home to aid in protection. You can even wear it to help protect yourself against harm.

Magical Protection Anointing Oil

Banishing and Self-Defense Spells

Banishing Spells Collection

If you need to get rid of a negative presence, entity, or person, try these self-defense spells instead.

Easy Banishing Spells for Negative Energy

Spells for Anxiety

Troubling times call for comforting aromas, flavors, and Magic. Take a deep breath, release slowly, and cast a spell to invoke calm.

Wiccan Spells for Anxiety

How to Make a Protection Amulet

A simple way to make an amulet with a clear quartz and bless it following an Elemental Cleansing ritual.

How to bless an amulet for protection

Stop Draining Energies

An easy way to create a pagan protection spell bag to fight anxiety using mugwort, a quartz crystal, and a candle.

Anxiety Protection Spell

Stop a Bully Jar Spell

Make a witch bottle to stop bullies in their tracks with vinegar and mint. Protect yourself from attacks or banish a rival. Use it wisely!

Spell to Stop Bullying

Smokeless Smudging Mist Recipe

This smudging mist spray is a great smoke-free alternative to Sage, Palo Santo smudging, or other incense-burning cleanses and rituals. Ideal for those with lung problems (or over-sensitive smoke alarms!).

wiccan protection spells

Florida Water Recipe

Florida Water has many uses – it can be used to cleanse yourself, your home, your tools, and crystals. It can be added to bath water, used to anoint candles, and as a spell ingredient.

Florida Water Protection

Meditations for Protection

Easy Circle of Protection

This #CastAlong guided meditation will help you learn how to cast your first circle without any tools but the eye of your mind.

How to Cast a Circle of Protection Wicca

Drawing Down the Moon

A central ritual in many contemporary Wiccan traditions, this ceremony can reunite us with the protective Mother Goddess.

Drawing Down the Moon Wiccan Ritual

Devotional to Goddess Bast for Protection

Invoke the protective energies of the Cat Goddess and guardian of the home with a prayer against curses.

Bast Devotional Wiccan Prayer

Hestia’s Home Blessing Prayer

She presides over the fire of homes (the hearth) and can be a great ally to protect your home and family.

Hestia Wiccan Devotional Prayer

Drawing Down the Moon

“Bless and protect my hearth and kin.” Invoke the Celtic goddess of inspiration for the protection of your home and family.

Prayer to Brighid Ritual Invocation


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