Real Love Spells for Modern Witches! 17 Spells That Work

Real Love Spells for Modern Witches! 17 Spells That Work

Real Love Spells for Modern Witches! 17 Spells That Work Love spells can be a really powerful source of self-empowerment. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, and loving someone deeply gives you courage. These words were true when Chinese philosopher Lao-Tze coined them – over two thousand years ago – and still ring true today. Some of us would do anything to recover a lost love or to attract someone new, but it can be hard to know where to start [psssst! Start here!]. Past and present can get in the way, certain experiences make it hard just to try and move on. But spiritual healing is easier than you think. These simple love spells are a free DIY option that you can use at home to promote love in all aspects of your life. 

On this page, you’ll find:

Do Love Spells Work?

Real Love Spells for Modern Witches! 17 Spells That Work, Love spells have existed since the beginning of civilization,

when Witchcraft was used to increase fertility or to favor marriages and relationships. This type of Magic was usually

performed by shamans and healers. It was an early form of religion and science. This experimental skill has been

passed down for hundreds of generations.

If you have never worked with spells of Witchcraft before, here’s a quick guide that will get you started:

The most effective love spells that work usually involve love chants, prayer, mantras, or affirmations that reinforce

our confidence. Before manifesting anything in our reality, we must first believe and feel that this is possible, and that we deserve it. To cast a love spell, you have to be ready and open to receive that kind of love. 

Book of Shadows & Spells in the USA

🖨️ Find all these spells in PDF and see how I printed them on parchment paper to get this look!

Book of Shadows PDF

The ritual aspects of the spell are less important, but they will help you to get into the right mindset. So prepare an

atmosphere with dim lights or candles, and a silent place to work without interruptions. Let the energy flow through

you and concentrate on your desire. If you haven’t already, read this lesson on the First 5 Steps to Becoming a Real-Life Witch.

Bookmark this site and especially the free love spell recipes. Come back later and print them out or copy them to

your Book of Shadows. All spells on this page can easily be cast at home, even if you are a Beginner Witch. You can use Magic for:

  • Channeling self-love and confidence
  • Improving a romantic relationship
  • Recovering a lost love
  • Attracting someone closer to you
  • Real Love Spells for Modern Witches! 17 Spells That Work

Free Love Spells in Texas| California| New Jersey| Arizona|

Spells to Attract Love

Click or tap the images to visit the full spell recipes.

Amber Love Magnet: Bring Love to Your Life

Amber’s power of attraction is well known. The Greek philosopher Thales of Miletos recognized its magnetism and he even attributed a soul to it. This gemstone is said to attract a soulmate to its bearer.

Love Spell Charm And Crystal

Fire Flowers: A Wiccan Love Spell in USA

1 Pink candle, incense, essential oil, and 3 white flowers. If you’ve been through a bad break up cast this spell to clear the way to a new love life.

Fire Flowers Wiccan Love Spell with Candle

Rose+Lavender Love Bath in usa

Light a candle to find True Love! This spell includes a relaxing spiritual bath to cleanse your aura and start attracting real love with some sugar and Positive Witchcraft!

Rose+Lavender Bath for Finding a New Love: Cleansing Ritual

Renewal Bath Spell for Self-Love in USA

Take this Magical bath, let go, and start anew. Includes a positive affirmation chant with Wiccan intentions for renewal, self-love, and spiritual acceptance.

Renewal Bath Spell: Self-Love & Spiritual Acceptance

‘Eternal Beauty’ Spell with a Mirror in USA

Mirrors can reflect inner truths and are a window into the soul. This beauty spell is a simple Magic ritual to improve your appearance or at least feel more comfortable with it.

Easy Beauty Spell (Wiccan)

Daily Tea Ritual & Self-Love Magic in USA

Enjoy a daily morning ritual with some Tea Magic. Anyone can cast a tea spell easily, blessing their potion with a Wiccan chant or meditation.

'Morning Tea': Daily Ritual & Self-Love Spell

Magic Charm Bracelet Love Spell in usa

Use this powerful Wiccan love spell to transfer the power of your intentions to a specific object with the help of the Goddess.

Crystal Spell to Attract Love in Texas

This is an easy but effective spell that uses the powers of crystals and roses to aid in attracting love into your life. This spell can be used to improve relationships, recover lost love, or attract new love.


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