Ruin Relationship

Ruin Relationship

Ruin  Relationship. For a moment meditate for 5 minutes. After meditation, get the 2 black candles and light them.

Then cut out a heart from the red paper, take the picture of the couple tape it to the cutout heart. Chant x2: She/he.

and she/he shall depart, they shall find discomfort in each other from now on and their love for each other shall die.

Now cut the picture once toward it separates them.
Burn one piece in one of the black candles and burn the other one in the other black candle. When both get

completely burnt, take the heart charm and smash it with the hammer while thinking about leaving their


19 Things That Can Destroy Your Relationships|How Your Smartphone Can Ruin Your Relationship!How These 10 Things You Do Can Ruin A Perfectly Good|9 Toxic Behaviors that Could be Ruining Your Relationship|

Here are some signs you might be in a toxic relationship:

Communication issues and unrealistic expectations are two of the main reasons people find themselves falling out of love. But there are things that can be done to stop the fall. Relationships are hard work; they should be viewed as investments, particularly if there is a marriage.

Unhealthy relationships may contribute to a toxic social environment that can lead to stress, depression, anxiety, and even suicide. It is important to recognize the warning signs and find ways to reduce or avoid relational toxicity. This is especially true for people recovering from a history of substance abuse.

Your relationship may be toxic if it is characterized by behaviors that make you feel unhappy, including disrespect, dishonesty, controlling behaviors, or a lack of support. Ruin Relationship.




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