sex spells

Sex spells

Sex spells.A few months ago, we each (the Basic Witches, aka GG Sauvage and Leah Knauer) practiced sex

magic – sometimes spelled sex magick – to conjure in writing for Cosmopolitan. So, does it work? The fact that

you’re reading this right now proves that it does. As comedians, witches, and co-hosts of Basic

Witches podcast, we have come to realize that more people need to know about the possibilities of sex

magick. We’ve spoken to all kinds of witches about the magic of transmuting sexual energy, and we aren’t

ashamed to say we have O-faced our way to many a manifestation.

Leah and her partner once used sex magick to manifest a safe and successful international business trip. From

the moment of climax, her worries melted away and she ended up at the destination safely, with VIP car

service, a gorgeous high-rise hotel room with a private balcony, and delicious healthy food delivered to her

door every day. Succ-sex! GG will never forget how she manifested incredible seats at an Arcade Fire concert at

The Greek. The concert was almost as pleasurable as the daily soul-o-sex she performed until she got what she wanted!

sex magic  what is sex magic

What is sex magic?|Outrageous Sex Spell|The Delicious Sex Spell

While it may seem mysterious or unapproachable, sex magick is simple: name the desire, feel the pleasure,

and so it is. It’s using the potent sexual energy of an orgasm to envision your desire and transcend into the

reality of already having it. Think of it as a hot and sweaty manifestation practice for mind, body, and soul.

Sex magic has been practiced for centuries, though it wasn’t until recent years that witches felt safe

enough to speak about it publicly. Sex magick has roots in Tantra, with popular teachings dating back to the

19th century by Ida Craddock, Aleister Crowley, Maria de Naglowska, and more. Unfortunately, the history is

complicated and riddled with misogyny, sexism, racism, and oppression. So, we personally take a modern and

inclusive approach: if you’re human, sex magick is for you!

“If you’re human, sex magick is for you”

Magick is meant to be an accessible tool, available to anyone especially those on the fringes of society.

Whether you’re a muggle or a master manifester, anyone on the spectrum of spirituality can participate. You

don’t need anything but yourself. There’s a misconception that sex magick only works through partnered sex,

however, that is not true – solo sex magick is also very powerful. Sex spells

Sex magic manifesting: What you need

You already have everything you need for a sex magick spell right now:

1. A desire – something you want
2. An imagination – the ability to visualize your desire coming to fruition and feeling as if it already has
3. Pleasure – masturbation, sex with a partner (or two or three!), or simply a sensual bath

Sex magic ritual for beginners

Take a moment to set the scene and romance yourself. Spark some incense. Light your favorite scented

candle. Play juicy music and get comfortable. This is about feeling good – whatever that means to you.

Lay back and appreciate each sense being stimulated, then take some deep breaths and set your intention.

What do you want? For example: “I am healthy, wealthy, and thriving”, “I am abundant AF”, and “I am open to receiving”. Sex spells

sex magic  what is sex magic

As you enjoy the pleasure, with your hands, sex toys, or touch from a partner, come back to the feeling

of already having what you want. Let the pleasure continue to expand, and embody your future satisfaction

now. Climax isn’t required, but if you happen to get there, exclaim your desire upon the release! And so it is.

Whether you’re getting down with a mate or playing soul-o, imagine the same build and release of energy. The

goal is to take the energy of your desire and let it build and build and build… until it bursts with a euphoric

release. If you think about manifestation basics from The Law of Attraction, it’s the same principle. Make a

wish, imagine it coming true, and then release it. Why not harness your own pleasure and turn it into more of

the things you want?

Pro tip: you don’t need to know how your dreams will come true; just trust and be open to however the Universe provides it.

Once you start practicing sex magick you’ll wonder: why haven’t I been using this all along? Too often we are

taught to prioritise productivity over play. Capitalism uses sex to sell but discourages us from harnessing our

own sexual superpowers. We all have desires, we all deserve pleasure, and playing with a simple sex magick routine can fulfill both.

Sex magic and consent

If you happen to have a partner right now, you can totally bring the magick into the bedroom, but as with all

things sexual, you must get consent! Never practice sex magick with an unknowing or non-consenting partner.

Keep it personal and positive; don’t go putting hexes on your exes, witch. It is also important to never make a

manifestation about what you don’t want. The Universe hears everything, so use “I want a fulfilling job” instead

of “I don’t want a dead-end job”.Sex spells

sex magic  what is sex magic


If your partner isn’t witchy, here are some bullet points to make the convo as smooth as their tongue going down on you:

A Basic Sex Magick Convo

  • “I want to use our sexual energy to focus on a goal of mine (or ours).
  • “All we need to do is state our desires to each other and then feel massive amounts of pleasure, sound good?
  • “If/when we orgasm, please flash my wish in your mind, and I’ll do the same for you.

Sex magic works. You don’t need to buy a gazillion crystals, hire an expensive guru, or read a hefty instruction

manual. (Your wallet can thank us later.) You already have everything you need. Get in touch with touching

yourself and visualize your magical life unfolding. Sure, size doesn’t matter… but you might as well dream big.

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