Shango Money Spell

Shango Money Spell

Shango Money Spell. chango macho prayer, santeria, Shango prayer for love, chango macho candle meaning,

chango macho offerings, love spells, self-love spells, herbs for confidence.

The list below is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed.

*Disclaimer: Please note that the spells we provide are based on psychic abilities and traditional healing. It is

not an exact science. As such results may vary.

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 How long do money spells take to work?

You should expect to see results in 3 days or less. Spells and chants begin to work immediately after saying them because every path and every door will open before you.

Set aside all worries, all anxiety, and be positive. Shango Money Spell, Get ready to vibrate in tune with success, money, opportunities, and miracles.

Remember that everything vibrates, everything is changing. Our thoughts are vibrations, they are alive and create our reality. It is time to think and vibrate positively. Let’s begin!

  • I transform my life, I dissolve everything that prevents me from flowing into Prosperity.
  • With all the Power of my Active Intention the roads open before me, to flow in full prosperity.
  • I am Financial Freedom.
  • I erase everything in my memory that prevents the flow of prosperity, money, and well-being.
  • I am free from anguish, fear, and insecurity. I decide to vibrate in the flow of joy, security, and peace.
  • I recognize that within me, lives an infinite power that transforms reality.
  • I am worthy of receiving the opportunity to have successful experiences.
  • I decided to enjoy a life of success and well-being.
  • I transform all pain into happiness and manifest wealth for my good and that of everyone.
  • I don’t worry because my life is in the hands of the Spirit, who provides for me everything in abundance.
  • I am happy receiving and giving because everything that happens is for my evolution.
  • The more gratitude I feel, the more successful I am.
  • The Light of God, the loving angels, and beings of light accompany me to guide me on the path of success and well-being.


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