Spell to Find Twin Flame

Spell to Find Twin Flame

Spell to Find Twin Flame. This is a spell to find your twin flame. This spell is simple and will work for you over a

short period of time. A twin flame is someone who you were meant to be with for life. It is deeper than a

soulmate and more meaningful than just a husband. Try this spell to find twin flame and watch the love of

your life walk into your world.

Spell to Find Twin Flame

What You’ll Need:

  • Goddess Oil
  • a purple candle
  • a silver candle
  • a rose
  • red cloth
  1. Rub the Goddess oil on the purple candle and place it on the center of your altar.
  2. Light the purple candle and using the light of the candle, light the silver candle and place it to the right on your altar.
  3. Chant the following; “Lover in the air come to me, Lover’s arms are here for thee, Bring my twin flame to see, true love is the key, by the powers of three by three, as I will it so mote it be.”
  4. Chant the spell while folding the red cloth and unfolding it again.
  5. Look into the flame and imagine your twin flame finding you, imagine how you two will interact, love each other, etc.
  6. When the candles burn down place the leftover wax on the center of the red cloth and the petals in the center as well and tie the cloth close.
  7. Carry the cloth with you until you meet your next twin flame/soulmate.
  8. When you meet your twin flame, bury the charm in the woods or near a big tree.

This simple spell is wonderful for finding a twin flame. It works fast and you can be with your new lover within weeks of doing this spell. Try this spell on a Wednesday during the full moon or the waxing moon on a Friday. This spell will bring multiple lovers into your life but you have to keep your eyes open for that twin flame vibe.

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