The Difference Between Love And Desire

The Difference Between Love And Desire

The Difference Between Love And Desire

The Difference Between Love And Desire. Now many people confuse magic by first confusing the aspects that

they want to perform rituals in. How does this happen?

I want to bring two things, and these are love and desire.

When you are casting a love spell, make sure that you totally understand what you are casting for and what you want to manifest.

As much as an attraction spell falls under love rituals and love magic, do not cast it as a love spell.

Why Is This So?

This is like this because desire is what comes before love. Desiring to be in love with someone is totally

different from being in love with that same someone.

Before you are in love with someone, you will first desire them, then you will want to attract them to also

mirror your feelings.

This is the stage at which you cast the attraction spell.
 When the magic takes effect and they start orienting towards your desired manifestations, then you will create what we call love.

At the love stage, you will be able to perform the rituals necessary to augment and seal your relationship which has now blossomed.

You do good to understand the gravitating nature of magic before you engage in black magic

Sometimes people get what they did not ask for and end up blaming the force, yet they were utterly unclear on their intentions.

What Do You Want to Manifest with Black Magic?

Success is already present in the spells and rituals, what is missing right now is your spiritual presence.

Tell the natural force what changes you need in your life. Submit to the supernatural and witness the new thrilling changes that come your way.

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