Easy breakup spells that work fast 

Voodoo breakup spells.If you discover there’s a third person in your relationship and want to keep her away from your loved one, then

don’t hesitate to try out these easy breakup spells that work immediately for beginners.

To perform this spell break, you need to prepare one envelope, 3 blue candles, blue ink, jasmine oil, clove oil, a

bowl, and 3 pieces of paper.

The first thing to do is to cast your circle and rub all 3 candles with jasmine oil. Next, write your name and your

partner’s on two pieces of paper with blue ink; on the last piece, please fill in the name of the third party. Focus on

your intention and do a prayer for the separation of those two individuals.

Drop clove oil on every piece of paper; then, fold them up and put them in an envelope. You’re advised to

place it beneath your pillow for a week. After that, burn out the envelope in a bowl and bury the ash in your

garden privately. voodoo-breakup-spells.

The love magic will attract negative vibrations between them to generate more conflicts in reality.

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3. Breakup spells with oil and water

For this spell to work successfully, you must prepare a piece of paper, a black candle, garlic oil, salt, and cayenne pepper.

First and foremost, please light up the candle and concentrate all of your thoughts while staring at the flame.

Inhale deeply and keep calm before performing the magic ritual. If you want to break up with your lover, then

write both of your names on the paper. Put 3 drops of garlic oil, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and a teaspoon of salt on it.

Hold the candle with your right hand, close your eyes, and focus on your intention. Then, open both your heart

and mind and send out your wish to the universe – always keep an open mind and positive energy.

Drop the wax on the paper and keep sticking your head to the breakup matter. Once your paper is covered

with wax, you need to chant loudly: “Our names are finally destroyed by spiritual wax, so shall our relationship be.

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