Wanga Dolls. Could bring you love, money, success, revenge–anything you desire! Select the doll or dolls that fit you. specific need, then experience the wonders that only a Wanga may bring!

Wanga Dolls summon the forces of the night, supernatural forces that are beyond man’s comprehension. Each Wanga.

represents a powerful spirit that could work on behalf of the person who possesses it. Possess the Wanga and

let its extraordinary powers work for you!

 Money Wanga| Luck Wanga| Success Wanga |Protection Wanga!What does the voodoo doll do?|

Represent a person, casting spells on that person or aiding that person through magic.

I just have to tell everyone that the Love Wanga really worked for me. I had divorced a very abusive and hateful

man 2 1/2 years ago. I had known nothing but sadness during our 7-year marriage.

Shortly after, I ordered the Love Wanga doll just to see what might happen. Boy was I surprised!! Right after I

received it I placed a personal ad and met several nice men. I went on many dates and finally met the man of

my dreams. We are engaged and will be married next summer.

He is the kindest man I’ve ever met. My son adores him and he’s a great role model for him.

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