new moon rituals

What Are Moon Rituals?

What Are Moon Rituals? During the full moon, the mood is fully feminine and is associated with nourishment

and intuition. It is also a magical time for creativity and personal insight.

Benteau practices moon rituals from her home in Newfoundland. “For me, my rituals are all about giving

attention to the subtle voices in my head that need an extra little ‘atta girl’ boost,” she says. For this, Benteau

uses empowerment spells on the full moon or banishing spells on the new moon.

However, there’s no “bad time” to do a moon ritual, according to Benteau: “All aspects of the moon have their

magical meanings and intention. We are made mostly of water, and we understand that the tides are affected

by moon cycles, so using a little science can also play a role in your budding spiritual growth,” she says.

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