What do you call someone who does voodoo?

What Do you call Someone who Does Voodoo?

What do you call someone who does voodoo? There’s a lot of confusion about hoodoo and voodoo. If you think.

they’re the same, you’re not alone, but it’s time to unlearn that! Hoodoo and voodoo are very different. Voodoo.

also spelled vodou, voudou, and voudun, is an actual religion that is commonly thought to have originated in Haiti and has roots in West African spiritual traditions.

Hoodoo Isn’t for Everyone|What do you call someone who does voodoo?|

Hoodoo is based in the African diaspora, and as such, it should be practiced only by Black people. The work was

developed to protect and heal us from the traumas of enslavement. We can see this in the roots used for traveling

safely and the container works used for protecting the home against physical violence, winning a court case, or being overlooked by the law.

America has been dangerous to Black people since we were brought here, and hoodoo is a way for us to

protect ourselves. It’s 2020, and these works remain incredibly relevant.

In order to practice hoodoo, you have to be able to engage with its history. As much as it may sting to hear, white.

How to Get Started in Hoodoo|Whats the voodoo names king|Hoodoo

I started with a honey jar. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular when I stumbled upon a short article by Stephanie

Rose Bird in an almanac. She outlined how to make a small honey jar a jar filled with honey, curios, and herbs.

to “sweeten” a situation or person—and work it out. (I use honey jars for creative work, but people also make them for,

their home, relationships, or just to promote self-love and self-care.) I wasn’t expecting anything, but I sat down and

wrote my intentions, and over a few days, I slowly gathered the bits and pieces for my personal jar.

When I had everything I needed, I put it together and lit my first candle. To my surprise, I felt at peace and oddly.

Voodoo spells also consist of voodoo protection spells which are purposely cast to make sure that protection is done with assurance. These protection spells will guide you in case of something that may affect your life or any occurrence that might take your life. You will always have contingency plans for survival in anything you do. They can protect you from accidents, death, and natural calamities; protect your leadership and so many others. Voodoo protection spells are also ideal for protecting wealth such as buildings, houses, money, cars, animals and so many others

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