herbs to cure hiv

Herbs to Cure HIV

Herbs to Cure HIV.The use of medicinal herbs whose efficacy and toxicities are not known by HIV-positive people .

Lesotho is a threat to the effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment. This study explored some medicinal herbs used by HIV-positive people in Lesotho and the reasons for their use.

This was a cross-sectional study based on a questionnaire distributed to purposively sampled HIV-positive people.

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The study determines the type of virus, not as a simple but as a set of complex virus systems composed of

 three different complex virus systems. The study also relates how the HIV virus has different energy

 characteristics not similar to other well-known viruses. The energy characteristics of HIV indicate two positive

 and two negative energy groups. “Normal” viruses, like Hep C, have four negative energy groups. It was finally

 determined that the cause for the presence of positive and negative energy groups lies in the fact that HIV is

 composed of three different Major Complex Virus groups and not one monolithic Major Complex Virus-like

 Hep C. All three complex virus systems have to be eliminated to eliminate the HIV virus. Many vibrational

 herbal mixtures were made over the course of the last 14 years and tried, physically and by simulation, on

 several patients.

 systems in one. Each of the trial mixtures worked on one or two, and not totally fully, on all three systems. The

 results of our study of the Berlin patient and the Mississippi baby indicate that two of the three viruses were

 eradicated. Although the main virus in both was the same, the second was different in each, leaving the third

 virus system untouched. Our latest Vibrational Herbal Mixture eradicates all three complex virus systems, as

 opposed to the latest chemical experimental treatment which will eliminate the main complex system but will

 leave the other two, untouched. 




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